Line interactive UPS – Inverter – Rectifier features with real sine wave output have very wide application field.
Three features at same structure, it is unique product compared to similar products in market.


Technical Specifications
• Real Sinus Wave for critical loads
• Microprocessor control technology
• Easy use LCD display
• 1-45 A Charger current
• Battery deep decharge protection
• Overload and Short circuit protection
• Voltage, Spike, Surge Protection
• Internal Automatic Voltage Regulation
• AdjustableVoltage Frequency and Battery Charger Current
• Longer Battery Lifespan with Smart Battery System
• Electrical Generator Module for special applications
• Low noise level with Smart Cooling Fan
• Fault alarms and status alerts
• Auto restart
• Start from the battery
• Sleep mode for energy saving
• Power factor correction in battery operation
• Low output THD (<3%) when operating from battery
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Compact design

Delta UPS
  • Options ; 
  • Communication Control Card
  • RS-232
  • Emergency Protection Order (EPO)
  • External Battery Temperature Sensor
  • Relay contacts
  • User Input Contacts
  • Remote Monitoring and control
  • Software
  • Modbus
  • SNMP Adapter
  • Solar Connection Kit
  • 3 Phase Connection Kit
  • Remote Monitoring Panel
  • Reverse battery connection protection
Delta UPS