In parallel of developing technology,every electric/electronical equipment which we use in our daily life; need stable and clean energy. DELTA UPS&Voltage Stabilizers Inc.,provides solutions to confront this demand.

Since 1991, situated in state of art production plants in Turkey on a total covered area of 10.000m2 with more than 150 employees, DELTA Inc. producing diverse power electronic solutions,and is one of the few companies in the world which could manage to combine quiet different product ranges,in it’s manufacturing portofolio.

Our manufactured products are getting incessantly developed and upgraded,thanks to our highly advanced R&D team skills,studies and works,held in firm cooperation with the Scientific and Technologic Research Council of Turkey. This enables Delta Inc. to clinch it’s domestic and worldwide leader title in AVRs and get a highly respected position in World UPS market. Also it ensures highest flexibility in our production,to answer different customers requirements from the World,according to different mains and electrical conditions across the globe.

Special production lines:
STS, Frequency converters, Isolation transformers, Toroidal Variacs, Dry and Gel type SLA Batteries, Generators, DC Power supplies, Battery chargers

In order to provide better and reliable solutions,and increase product quality; we obtained TSEK, ISO9001, CE quality certifications in the 90’s. The quality management principles and unconditional customer satisfaction; compose the base of our production philosophy.

Our manufactured products have been exported worldwide, in 65 countries such as Portugal, UK, France, Poland, Ukraine, Kosovo, Sirbia, Albany, Macedony, Georgia, UAE, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, Libya, Irak, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Le banon, Jordan, South Africa, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Peru, Venezuela, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Etihopia..etc

DELTA Inc. offers complete power protection solutions ” Continuous energy, Uninterruptible life… “

Delta UPS



Delta UPS and Voltage Stabilizers Inc. provide reliable solutions as power protection for uninterruptible power supply and AC mains regulation solutions of your mission critical applications for complete back up power systems. Delta Inc. aims efficient pre and after sales service support all over the globe 7/24.
» Critical Power Protection Solutions
» Emergency Power Systems
» Uninterruptible and Regulated Energy/ Power


True uninterrupted clean continuous power. We have over 20 years experience with design, supply, and installing UPS systems,Voltage Stabilisers and Industrial Battery Chargers
DELTA UPS and Voltage Stabilizers Inc. has become World undisputed leader in AVR industry and one of the most reputable manufacturers in European UPS market with over 65 countries direct office and distributor channel/network.
We create Technologies to pioneer the World of Energy, adding values to our employees every day.
Keep your energy under control…

Our products;

Our manufacturing lines consist of following product ranges;

Singlephase AC Servo Voltage Stabilizers 500VA-50kVA

Triphase AC Servo Voltage Stabilizers 3kVA-4000kVA

Singlephase AC Static/Solid state Voltage Stabilizers: 1000VA-

Triphase AC Static/Solid state Voltage Stabilizers: 30Kva-2000Kva

Uninterruptible Power Supplies ( T based,IGBT,DSP) (1:1ph,3:1ph,3:3ph) 1000VA-1200Kva